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Are you interested in time lapse photography or stop motion movies as an art form? Do you want to create beautiful films of clouds progressing overhead, a flower blooming, or real-object animation films by your iPhone? Now we have Magic Lapse and it is the best choose of professional time lapse maker, because you can take it out of your pocket at anytime and anywhere to complete your creations.

Magic Lapse is an amazing tool to create HD time lapse video with long exposure camera and a lot of useful filters on your iPhone. It does not matter if you are a professional photographer or not, Magic Lapse has professional and express modes to help you easily set up your camera and start shooting only a few short steps. After shooting, you can open time lapse project to edit your films, add background music or apply wonderful effects on your videos. You can capture your every beautiful moment and share with people by internet. That's how we create magic time lapse videos by Magic Lapse.

Why you will love Magic Lapse?

  • Easily create your own time lapse videos by useful 8 scenes preset in express mode.
  • Long exposure and multiple smart exposure functions can be used to take time lapse photo.
  • Flexible shooting system having rich filters can adjust your time lapse videos.
  • Choose your favorite song from your music library and add it to your videos.
  • Flash Synchronization can freeze shooting objects to produce mixed amazing results.
  • Magic instant preview feature that allows you to preview result when your are shooting photo.
  • Supports front and rear camera, flash, white balance, exposure, auto focus and more camera controller.
  • Supports both Landscape and Portrait time lapse video.
  • Easily sets the shutter speed to 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30, 60 seconds or B (unlimited).

Magic Lapse overview

Watch HD movie on youtube or vimeo.

Software Features

  • Supports professional modes and express modes (useful 8 scenes preset) to set up your time lapse project.
  • Supports separating exposure and focus to shoot accurately.
  • Supports slow shutter exposure time unlimitedly to let iPhone becomes a professional camera.
  • Supports film preview to watch the results of the current exposure when shooting.
  • Supports flash synchronization to freeze shooting objects at the perfect time.
  • Supports smart exposure to avoid over exposure.
  • Supports 4 shooting modes and 3 flash synchronization options and can be mixed out of 12 shooting methods.
  • Supports a lot of useful filters to adjust time lapse photo.
  • Supports iPhone 4's retina display and multiple languages (English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese).
  • Supports iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s (or another iOS device having camera).

Exposure modes

Smart Exposure

Using slow shutter to shooting objects in the general condition that can help you to capture the beautiful light trails or moving effects in the photo. If you have no idea how to set up exposure mode, you can start here.

Motion Blur

Motion Blur exposure mode can keep photo blur which let you feel everything is slow down in the real world. It's very useful for shooting moving target and making it blur in your photo. This is different from Smart Exposure mode. Motion blur mode replaces previous exposure result while you are shooting, but Smart Exposure mode will doesn't.

Light Trail

Recommend to taking photos in very dark background environment. The use of LED light or fireworks is generally to draw or make creative photos. It's a very interesting mode for light painting and I believe you will love the results.

Single Exposure

This mode will only take one shoot per every film. It's a normal camera setting for make unblur picture. In this occasion, shutter's speed should not be set.

Flash synchronizations


Trigger the flash at the beginning of exposure to fix the exposure result. Single exposure mode will not surpport it.


Trigger the flash at the end of exposure to fix the exposure result. Single exposure mode will not surpport it.


When you are shooting, flash will keep off for it.

Magic Lapse's Manual

(A) Magic Lapse home view

A1. Magic Lapse's project

Every project you have created can display here and show as list. It will show a single film snap, project created time, title, frames and scene preset for you. By using this, you can quickly understand the content of the project.

A2. App setting view

This feature provides multiple app-related features in details. If you need control system settings such as sounds FX, auto export, grid, professional mode, etc., they are all in this feature. For more details please refer to section (H).

A3. Creat a new Magic Lapse's project

If you want to create a whole new Magic Lapse's shoot project, you can press "+" button to create one. After press it, the setting process will help you quickly set up your shooting project.

A4. Edit Magic Lapse's project

You can press "Edit" button to delete useless project. When you start to edit, it will show "delete" button on project list and you can press it for removing it.

(B) Smart scene preset in express mode

B1. Smart scene preset selector

If you set Magic Lapse in "express mode", app provides several commonly used scene settings to help you easily set up your shooting project without complex set actions. Of couse, if you are professional photographer and want control every detail settings by yourself, we also provide professional mode and manual preset to meet your needs.

Swipe left or right screen can switch different scene preset. You can continue the operation until you have selected one which can match your shooting scene. You can reade scene preset's description when you have selected it. It should can help you to understand which scene preset can match your needs.

(C) Exposure function settings

C1. Exposure settings

  • Exposure modes: Multiple exposure modes suit different conditions. For more details, please refer to exposure description.
  • Flash sync: The function of flash sync is the same as it in the DSLR for you to decide when to trigger the flash. "Single Exposure mode" does not support the flash sync. (iPhone 4 has real flash, iPhone 3Gs, iPad, iPod Touch still use simulate flash.)

C2. Shooting settings

It have tree shooting-related settings and you can easily switch or tap to set it.

  • Completion alert: If you want to make alarm sound to inform you when the film was finished, please turn it on.
  • Bettery saving: When shooting, you can turn screen darker to save battery using. If you want to do that, please turn it on.
  • Quality: This setting determines the quality of the camera.
    • High speed: Lower image quality but smooth motion blur effect.
    • Best Quality: Higher image quality but may reduce motion blur effect.
    If you have iPhone 4s, iPhone 4's, new iPad, it is strong enough to handle "Best Quality" and can get best results.

(D) Capture function settings

D1. Shutter speed

It can be used easily to set the shutter speed to 1", 2", 4", 8", 15", 30", 60" seconds or B (unlimited). If you do not set the shutter speed B, timer will end shooting automatically when time's up. The "Single Expoure mode" will not support shutter speed feature.

D2. Capture settings

If you are using "professional mode" or "manual scene preset" then you can set detail capture settings at here.

  • Start on: Deciding when to start shooting. You can choose timer or date to start running your time lapse project. If you start with timer, it can start immediately or few seconds later. Conversely, if you choose a date, it will start at a specified time.
  • Snap interval: When time lapse photo is shooting, you can decide how many seconds delay is necessary for shooting next photo.
  • Video FPS: When you generate a time lapse video, you have to decide how fast you want to play. FPS means "Frame Per Seconds", higher FPS can make video faster.
  • Stop on: Deciding when to stop shooting. You can choose frames, timer or date to stop running your time lapse project. If you choose "frames", recording will stop automatically after it meet the set number of frames.

D3. Final video information

It provides some valuable information of capture settings. Please read it to know how much time needed to spend or how long video will create for you.

  • Video duration: It shows how long video will be generated after finish shooting.
  • Time speedup: This shows the time speed of the film compared to the actual time.
  • Recording time: It estimates the total time to complete the shooting project needs.

(E) Camera / Viewfinder window

E1. AE/AF lock

When you press this button, AE and AF will be immediately locked,until you change the exposure or focus's point or exchange the camera.

E2. Flashlight

You can turn on or turn off the flashlight from here. Remember,this feature is only used for viewfinder, has nothing to do with the actual shooting. If you want to control flashlight when shooting, please go to the exposure setting view to set up flash synchronizations.

E3. Exchange cameras

Usually advanced iOS devices have two cameras, one facing the user, the other on the back of the device. By default, the higher-resolution camera on the back of iPhone is selected. It allows you exchange front camera or rear camera to shoot photo. It means that Just simply toggle tap it to exchange cameras.

E4. Auto focus point

Single tap on the viewfinder will trigger "Auto Focus Point". It can continue to determine the point of focus and exposure value.

E5. Focus point

Two fingers tap on the viewfinder will trigger " Focus Point". It can determine the point of focus.

E6. Exposure point

Two fingers tap on the viewfinder will also trigger " Exposure Point". It can determine the point of exposure value.

P.S Every point can be individual drag to control focus or exposure.

E7. Switch photo preview screen

When you're shooting, this feature can allow you to see both the exposure preview and viewfinder window. Therefore, you can accurately decide when to start or end of the shooting.

E8. Capture state

This shows how many photos you have taken and total of photo need to take.

E9. Start shooting

You can follow capture settings to start shooting by press "Shoot" button. When shooting, it will display count down information on it.

E10. Exit

If you want to terminate shooting project, you can press "Exit" button and it will stop project.

E11. Viewfinder window

When shooting, this small window can be used as the viewfinder in your camera. This feature can help you to identify the exact right location in the Exposure live preview (E12).

E12. Exposure live preview

When you start shooting, Magic Lapse will immediately present the result of the exposure in this function. It can help you to decide when to stop shooting or moving camera to create the desired effects.

(F) Magic Lapse's project management

After the completion of the shooting project, you can manage your project from here. It allows you to fill information, generate time lapse video, apply filters,, background music and export video, etc...

F1. Project information

You can fill custom title and description of this project from here. It can provide one snapshot and frame information which you have taken information in this section. If you have generated a movie, play symbol will appear in this snapshot. By pressing play button play your time lapse video.

F2. Video settings

You can adjust video FPS setting before generate time lapse movie. Then, the result will apply to it.

F3. Project management

This section provides some functions for managing your project. Function is as follows:

  • Generate Time Lapse Movie
  • Export Time Lapse Movie
  • Reshoot Project
  • Delete Exist Movie
  • Delete All Films

(G) Project video film preview

While starting to make a film, you can preview and adjust the contents that you have taken.

G1. Photo navigator

Drag slider can quickly preivew each photo in this project or you can press next/previous button to preview photos frame by frame.

G2. Preview filter effect

If you have applied a filter on this project, press this button to preview filter's effect on the screen.

G3. Photo filters picker

You can choose photo filters from here and apply on this project. Then, you will have a time lapse movie with your filter effects.

G4. Soundtrack picker

You can choose any music from your iPod library and add it to the movie. The music you have selected can be a background music in this movie.

G5. Remove photo film

If you do not like this frame, you can press this button to remove it.

G6. Render time lapse video

Applys all the filters and music and begans to render a time lapse video.

Photo Filter features

G7. Photo filters

Magic Lapse provides filer feature. It applys filter on your time lapse movie. This will help you to create more artistic movies. Filter is as follows:

  • Tilt
  • Exposure
  • Temperature
  • Color
  • Vibrance
  • HDR
  • Black & White
  • Sepia
  • Reset Filter

Photo Filter Editor

Filter editor helps you to preview and control filter effects. Different filters will provide you different control panel and control items.

G8. Filter control

Filter control can help you to adjust filter effects. For example, tily filter can control blur scope and distance.

G9. Filter control panel

This panel has several sliders to control filter's effects. You can tap and slide it to adjust the individual amounts. The content is vary due to different types of filters.

Background soundtrak picker

This feature allows you to choose music as a background music in your time lapse movie.

G10. Pick music from iPod library

Press this button to open iPod library and pick your favoritest music up.

G11. Play/Pause selected music

Play or pause the music that you have selected.

G12. Remove selected music

Remove the music that you have selected.

(H) System Setting

H1. New project setting

Set your own default project settings. When set up, all new projects will follow this setting.

  • Completion Alert: While project is finished, it will shows this message.
  • Bettery Saving: Turning screen darker to save power.
  • Quality: Choosing camera quality, will affect the recorded results.

H2. App setting

Set app's settings and this will affect the entire app.

  • Sounds FX: The needs for sound while you are using app.
  • Auto Export: After time lapse movie generated, are you want to export movie to your camera rolls?
  • Grid: The grid overlaids on the viewfinder, it's only for composition and won't appear on your images. You can turn it on or off by slide switcher.
  • Professional Mode: You can switch it to prefessional mode or express mode. Only express mode can supports scene preset.

Special Thanks

  • Thanks to Yoshiya Tsuchisaka for providing localized Japanese strings. (Magic Shutter 1 & Magic Shutter 2)